Injection Technique
Combine Mesolis gels' comfort & natural appeal with your professionalism,
for your patients' highest safety and greatest satisfaction.

Gels from the Mesolis range are easy to inject.
The rheological characteristics of these products make them spread smoothly
into the skin, whatever the area to be treated: face, neck, cleavage, hands.

Mesolis and Mesolis + offer the best combination between the highest safety
of a natural product and the comfort of an ergonomic syringe specifically
designed for manual injections.

With Mesolis gels, two different techniques can be
used for rejuvenation and rehydration treatments :

the multi puncture technique
Injection technique

and the micro-papular technique
Injection technique

The multi puncture technique is generally recommended, the micropapular
technique being recommended for mature and very dehydrated skin.

10 key recommendations before injecting

Key recommendation N1
Consent form No aspirin

Key recommendation N2
Thorough disinfection

Key recommendation N3
Angle of 30 maximum

Key recommendation N4
Slight twist of the needle

Key recommendation N5
Choose the right technique and product

Key recommendation N6
Micropapular: needles bevel downwards
Multipuncture: needles bevel upwards

Key recommendation N7
Adapt the pressure 0.001 ml at each point

Key recommendation N8
Check the slightly bleeding spots

Key recommendation N9
Change the needle

Key recommendation N10
Massage the surface

To know more about injection techniques with Mesolis and Mesolis+, ask
for our special Mesolis CD-Rom.