Your best allied
From the day you notice that the skin of your face, your neck, your décolletage or
your hands are dehydrated, has lost its elasticity and lustre, it is time to speak with
your doctor about such a treatment.

It is only your doctor who after an accurate diagnosis is capable of prescribing a
treatment of rejuvenation of your skin with one of the Mesolis gels. Your physician
knows your skin, its level of sensibility, its need of hydration.

He is your best allied and adviser in choosing the Mesolis product that is best adapted
to your aim of beauty. He will define together with yourself the duration and rhythm
of the treatment in order to make you totally and durably satisfied with the results to
be obtained. And he will in detail answer all the questions that you may ask...

Do you feel tempted to try ?
Talk with your doctor !