Frequently asked questions

1 | When can I ask my practitioner to perform micro-injections with Mesolis gels?
  As soon as you see that the skin on your face, your neck, your cleavage (décolleté) or back of your hands is drying out, becoming dull, and losing its natural radiance, it is time to talk to your doctor about this type of treatment. However, only he/she will be in a position to prescribe these micro-injections sessions for you after a precise diagnosis of the condition of your dermis.
2 |Which parts of my body could I consider having treated with Mesolis products?
  Mesolis products can be used on many parts of the body: face, neck, cleavage (décolleté), back of hands, in fact any dermal surfaces subjected to external aggression.
3 |Precisely what happens during a Mesolis micro-injections session?
  Mesolis products are designed to be injected manually through a syringe which the doctor is able to manipulate precisely and delicately. Depending upon the areas to be treated and their extent, the practitioner chooses the most suitable technique (micro-papular technique or multipuncture technique) with the micro-injections generally being spaced several millimetres apart. Each session lasts about 30 minutes and does not require any specific preparation of the dermis.
4 |Are micro-injections with Mesolis gels painful?
  The injections are almost completely painless, both because the needle used is very fine and because the specialist carries out the injection of the selected Mesolis gel manually. Nevertheless, depending upon your level of sensitivity or stress, your practitioner can offer you a local anaesthetic (cream, patch, etc.).
5 |How long will it be before I am able to notice results? How often should these sessions take place?
  You will notice a distinct improvement in your complexion from the first session. However, to guarantee you long-lasting results and a high level of satisfaction. Your practitioner will initially recommend 3 sessions close together (2 to 3 weeks apart). The treatments will become less frequent after that, eventually taking place after 2 months and then at intervals of about 6 months.
6 |Will Mesolis products let me forget my wrinkles?
  Mesolis gels are indicated for rejuvenation of the dermis. It is true that hydration of your skin will, as the sessions progress, “tauten” the dermis, erase the surface micro-lines, and smooth away that look of “crumpled” skin. However, already distinct wrinkles and deep lines on the face or neck need additional treatment. The Esthélis range (wrinkle filler products) is ideal to complement the effects of Mesolis products.
7 |What are the possible side effects of this type of treatment with Mesolis products?
  Mesolis products are produced from hyaluronic acid derived from biofermentation. Hyaluronic acid is a very important natural component of the skin. Mesolis injections diffuse and thus are naturally incorporated into the superficial dermis and are absorbed gradually as time passes. Side effects are rare and depend upon the injection technique used by the practitioner. In general, and more specifically with multipuncture technique, anyone who has benefited from a session of micro-injections with a Mesolis product can return to his/her social and professional life, with no need for immobilisation or isolation.